Reflexology Waxes

With a unique blend of Beeswax, Organic Olive Oil and Pure Essential Oils our waxes are full of natural ingredients to provide a wonderful leg and foot massage for tired and worn out legs and feet. They are also excellent for muscle fatigue and aches/pains after exercise.
Using wax balms for foot massage is a perfect replacement to using carrier/base oils as it eliminates the messiness of excessive oil and is easily absorbed into the skin.
They are presented as a semi-solid product which melts on contact with the heat of the skin to provide a working surface which delivers control during massage, smoothness and a non-greasy finish to the skin. It also eliminates spills during use and the need for clean-up materials such as couch rolls or towels.
The use of wax allows the therapist to deliver more specific massage work and provide less slippage on the surface of the skin which is perfect for the feet.
As our waxes do not contain nut products or fragrances they are ideal for use on people with allergies.
Our unscented wax is also a safer option for during pregnancy and on babies and smaller children as it contains no essential oils which may need to be avoided and contains only natural ingredients.
The use of waxes may also act as a barrier for cracked skin and eczema as they are less greasy and obviously have a lower liquid content than base oils. Suitable for most skin types including sensitive skin, the benefits of using wax are numerous and a pleasurable experience for both the massager and the person being massaged.