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About us

About Purple Flame Aromatherapy

Suppliers of Aromatherapy products and essential oils worldwide, Purple Flame is one of the longest established Aromatherapy Companies in the U.K, with an exceptional reputation in the industry. We have been supplying qualified aromatherapists, hospitals, colleges, salons and enthusiasts with 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy accessories for over 30 years.

Purple Flame Heritage

Just imagine for a moment that you are a therapist back in the late seventies. Aromatherapy is almost unknown, and the precious essential oils you need, can be hard to get hold of. Some may take months to arrive. How do you cope? What do you do?

After years of frustration with unreliable suppliers, in 1980 aromatherapist Christine Sapsford decided to make a positive difference for herself and other therapists by setting up her own essential oils business. She called it Purple Flame, symbolising sacred healing energy.

A former nurse and yoga teacher totally in love with essential oils, Christine knew she had made the right decision. Her approach to health had always been holistic, bringing both mind and spirit into the healing equation. Purple Flame provided a platform to pursue her aspirations, leading the way and educating others.

Her first customers (many of whom are still using Purple Flame oils today) were able to choose from eleven essential oils and pre-mixed blends. Orders were safely and conveniently delivered to their homes, as they are today, by mail order.

Good news travelled fast and the client list grew steadily longer. Therapists all over the UK and throughout the world were drawn by the fine quality of Christine’s oils, backed up by her growing reputation for knowledge and enthusiasm. The customer base also broadened to include hospitals and hospices, as the company began supplying oils and consultation backup on request. Christine helped introduce Aromatherapy at the John Radcliffe Hospital with advice, training and oils. The details of the success in the Delivery Suite were published in Midwifery and Aromatherapy in Intrapartum Practice.

Colleges and Universities

As time passed, various colleges and universities also found out about Purple Flame oils and started using them in aromatherapy courses.

Increased Product Range

As the number of Purple Flame customers increased over time, so did the number of products on offer. Within four years, 45 top quality essential oils and 35 pre-mixed blends were available, plus a wide range of carrier oils.

The company prided itself in being customer led. Therapists would ask for a particular oil, Christine would approach her suppliers, many of whom are still supplying the company today, to source it. Once she was sure of the quality, she would add it to her list.

After much research Purple Flame launched a DOS computer programme in 1996 `Aroma Search` with client assessment programme, and detailed use of all the essential oils on the price list. Years later this was serialized in magazines and was the first published ‘Essential Oil Index‘.


Purple Flame has come a long way since those early days; the current product catalogue and website contains over 1000 products. Customers can choose from more than 100 pure unadulterated essential oils; many of which are organic, plus a vast and varied selection of high quality aromatherapy products and accessories also.

Meeting therapists’ needs remains Purple Flame’s number one priority, with the majority of new products being developed in response to customer requests. Our base and skin care ranges started off this way, and so did our traditional handmade soaps.

We continue to provide support via our customer help line team. It started off as Christine giving advice on oils, and has gradually evolved over the years into a friendly place where clients are encouraged to ask for help and to give their comments and suggestions on our services.

Our Name

Our company title is more than just a name. The purple flame used in our company name and logo is symbolic of sacred fire and healing energy. It is a symbol of mercy, compassion, freedom, forgiveness and the transmutation of all imperfect energy into perfection.