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Essentially Zest Reflexology Wax

A light, gentle, refreshing and uplifting Reflexology Wax.

From: £7.09 ex. Vat

Zest Reflexology Wax contains organic olive oil, beeswax and vitamin E concentrate with the added benefits of lime and sweet orange for a fruity, invigorating experience during massage. The aromas of lime and orange are stimulating to both the skin and the body providing a tonic and boost. These two essential oils provide both an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, restorative and stimulating experience for the legs and feet.

  • Offers excellent grip and control during reflexology treatments
  • Semi-Solid formula which melts on contact with skin
  • Leaves skin nourished and hydrated
  • Smooth and easy application with no spills


INCI NameCommon Name
Olea EuropaeaOlive Oil
Cera AlbaBeeswax
Citrus NobilisMandarin Essential Oil
Citrus AuriantifoliaLime Essential Oil
TocopherolNatural Vitamin E



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