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Violet Fragrance Oil

For home fragrancing and scented crafts

£1.50 ex. Vat

Exactly like the plant our Violet fragrance oil has a delicate and distinctive floral fragrance which conjures up memories of parma violet sweets. Used for centuries to create exquisite and glorious perfumes, this beautiful scent continues to be very popular as it can be used to add a powerful floral scent to products.

All of our high quality fragrance oils are suitable for scented crafts and all home fragrancing. They are ideal for use in reed diffusers, pot-pourri, room burners, lamp rings, incense, room or linen sprays or for making your own scented candles or pot-pourri. They can be either used alone or blended together, or with essential oils to create your own fabulous fragrances.

Note: Fragrance oils are synthetic products and do not possess the therapeutic properties associated with essential oils. If you wish to make your own cosmetics we suggest that you always use our 100% pure, aromatherapy grade, essential oils.

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