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Rose Absolute Moroccan Essential Oil

Rosa Centifolia Morocco

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Rose absolute Moroccan sometime know as Rose Maroc or cabbage Rose has an aroma very similar to roses. It is an uplifting and nurturing oil and can give a feeling of happiness and well-being. It is also used in skincare and for treating female related problems.

Latin Name
Rosa Centifolia
A concrete and absolute by solvent extraction from the fresh petals. (A rose leaf absolute is also produced in small quantities in France).
Citronellol, geraniol, nerol, stearopten, phenyl ethanol, farnesol among others.

This rose bush can grow to over 2 metres in height, the flower has a round globular shape with numerous thin overlapping petals that are highly scented, they are usually pink in colour (less often white to dark red-purple).

The French or Moroccan Rose posses narcotic properties and has the reputation for being aphrodisiac more so than the Bulgarian type, possibly due to the high percentage of phenyl ethanol in the former.


The healing virtues of the rose have been known for centuries, nowadays roses are rarely used in herbal practice, however, up to the Middle Ages they played an essential part in the material medicine, and still fulfill an important role in Eastern Medicine.

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