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Geranium-Rose Organic Essential Oil

Pelargonium Roseaum South Africa

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Geranium Rose essential oil has a very sweet, soft, rosy aroma and is less sharp than traditional Geranium essential oil. A loving and gentle oil it is valued for a host of female related issues, including hormone balancing, easing PMS and to calm frustration and mood swings. It is also a very good skin enhancer and can be used to hydrate dry, wrinkled or mature skin.

Latin Name
Pelargonium Roseaum
Essential oil by steam distillation.
Citronellyl formiate, geranyl, linalyl formiate among others.
South Africa

This hairy perennial shrub can grow up to 1 metre in height with green serrated pointed leaves and flowers that are pinkish-white in colour.

Organically grown. Better for you, better for our environment.

Caution: DO NOT USE Geranium essential oil when pregnant.


There are many types of Pelargornium from which Geranium essential oil is extracted from. The fragrance of the oil is sweet, feminine and similar to rose. According to Kurt Schaubelt in his book ‘Advanced Aromatherapy’, pelargonium odorantissirmum is a fungicide and is effective against candida albicans, this is probably why it is often used in treating yeast infections in women.

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