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Essentially Unscented Massage Wax

An unscented Massage Wax with no essential oils in the formula.

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Essentially Unscented Massage Wax is exactly the same as the other massage waxes in the Essentially Range, but without the addition of any essential oils in the formula.

The consistency, performance and viscosity is the same as the other Massage Waxes.

Ideal for creating you own blends
The Wax is popular with aromatherapists who love Massage Wax, but choose to create their own blends for their clients rather than use the pre-blended massage waxes.

With the wax melting at a similar temperature to chocolate, its easy to gently heat the wax, stir in the essential oils of your choice, and let it cool, where it will again move to the convenient semi-solid state.

Unscented Massage Wax is also useful for therapists who don’t want to use the blends as they prefer unscented mediums, and for schools and colleges who are teaching unqualified students and want to avoid essential oils in the teaching methodology.


Useful Note
The Unscented Massage Wax still features Arnica Oil which regenerates the skin and helps with bruising.

INCI NameCommon Name
Prunus Amygdalcis DulcisAlmond Oil
Olea EuropaeaOlive Oil
Cera AlbaBeeswax
Arnica MontanaArnica Flower Extract
TocopherolNatural Vitamin E



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