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Balance Pre Blended Massage Oil

In a Sunflower Base

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Balance Pre Blended Massage oil is a joyful massage oil blended to help settle and restore your balance in times of emotional stress.

Containing Bergamot and Lavender to help stabalise the nervous system, the warmth of Benzoin to eases anxiety and tension, Petitgrain to evoke a positive attitude, Rosemary to revive metal clarity, Sweet Orange for resilience and Evening Primrose, which is rich in essential fatty acids to provide emotional stability.

  • 100% Natural
INCI NameCommon Name
Helianthus AnnusSunflower
Oenothera BiennisEvening Primrose
Citrus BergamiaBergamot
Lavandula AngustifoliumLavender
Stryax BenzoinBenzoin
Citrus AurantiumPetitgrain
Rosmariinus OfficinalisRosemary
Citrus SinensisOrange Sweet


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