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Aromatherapy In Essence

Chrissie Wildwood

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Chrissie Wildwood
Paperback/121 Pages

Written by Chrissie Wildwood

Aromatherapy in Essence is a comprehensive guide and reference manual for the enthusiast and experienced professional alike.

It brings the necessary facts about history, benefit, blending and most importantly, safe use of essential oils to life in a friendly, readable manner. As a novice, you will find useful and necessary information to guide you in your enjoyment of essential oils, without elevating the art of aromatherapy beyond your reach.

Students of Aromatherapy often are frustrated in their search for a reference manual which can be used with confidence; this book could easily meet this need and help the trainee develop to meet the needs of future clients and patients, who are increasingly better informed themselves. For the experienced practitioner seeking to consolidate many aspects of information in one authoritative book, you will find Aromatherapy in Essence, a reliable guide. Clear descriptions along with useful indexes are offered with a solid foundation of well researched information. The Aesthetic Blending Guide for over 80 oils brings new scope for the practitioner whether considering familiar or more recently available essential oils. With safety and effective use in mind, you will find this book to be a reliable reference source.

Anna-Louise Haigh, Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner and Lecturer MBSR, MIFPA, HAR, MAR, MGCP, LCSP, Cert Ed. AOC Registered

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