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Argan Carrier Oil

Argania Spinosa Morocco

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Latin Name
Argania Spinosa

Argan is a moisturising carrier oil, high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E, all of which keep the skin supple and toned. Due to the high levels of Vitamin E, it is great for facial and skincare blends as it keeps the skin nourished. It’s very often added to anti-aging creams and hair products as its powerful healing and anti-aging properties have recently made it one of the world’s leading natural health and beauty products.

Harvested and delivered fresh from the Berber community fair trade women’s cooperative in Morocco, who refer to this kernel as coming from the ‘Tree of Life’. The oil, which is cold pressed, comes from the Kernels (nuts) of the Argan Tree (Argania spinosa) and was originally used by the Moroccans for cooking and in skincare, to soften wrinkles and protect against the damaging effects of premature aging. No wonder it is now known as ‘Miracle Oil’, ‘Moroccan Gold’ or ‘Liquid Gold’.

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