Ylang Ylang I Essential Oil

Cananga Odorata Commores

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Ylang Ylang I essential oil has an intensely sweet, soft, slightly spicy aroma, with sharp top notes. It is an uplifting oil which is sensual and soothing for the mind, body and skin.

Latin Name
Cananga Odorata
Essential oil by water or steam distillation is extracted from the freshly picked flowers.
Methyl benzoate, methyl salicylate, methyl para-cretol, benzyl acetate, eugenol, linalol and terpenes: pinene, cadinene among others.

This fast growing tall tropical tree can grow up to 20 meters in high, has long smooth glossy leaves, with tender yellow scented flowers which are curly in shape, like a sea star.


It is believed to relieve high blood pressure, prevent fever and fight infections. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. In Indonesia, the flowers are spread on top of the beds of newly married couples on their wedding night. In Victorian times, it was used for encouraging hair-growth, soothe insect bites and was thought to have a regulating effect on cardiac and respiratory rhythm. The oil from ylang-ylang is widely used in perfumery.

Safety Note

Ylang Ylang has a strong aroma and can cause headaches and nausea if used in excess.