Nasal Inhaler Aroma Stick Purple

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Extremely easy to use and ideal for making your own aromatherapy nasal inhaler or healthcare inhaler.

Please note: the caps ends on these sticks are very tight and will require strongly pushing into the stick to secure

Each Inhaler Includes

1 x Outer shell

1 x Inhaler (inner shell)

1 x  Highly absorbent cotton stick

1 x  Seal cap

Assemble Instructions

Step 1: Saturate the cotton stick with 10 – 20 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend.

Step 2: Insert the saturated cotton stick into the inhaler (inner shell) and secure the seal cap.

Step 3: Tightly screw on the outer shell to keep scent from drying out.

How to Use

Simply open the container and inhale the aroma from the small holes of the inhaler.