Bergamot Bergaptene Free Essential Oil

Citrus Bergamia Calabria

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Bergamot essential oil has a delightful fresh and young aroma with strong citrus notes. As it evaporates these notes get sweeter. Used in skincare to clear and cleanse oily or problem skin. It is refreshing, uplifting and cleansing. This essential oil has had the chemical bergaptene removed. The removal of bergaptene greatly reduces the risk of photosensitivity when exposed to UV light. This is the recommended type of Bergamot that should be used when manufacturing products such as lotions that will be left on the skin for long periods of time.

Latin Name
Citrus Aurantium
Rutaceae Famiy
Essential oil by cold expression of the peel of the partially ripened fruit.
Mainly linaly acetate, linalol and other alcohols,sesquiterpenes, terpenes, alkanes and furocoumarins excluding bergapten.

This tree grows approximately 4 to 5 metres in height with smooth oval leaves and small round yellow fruit.


Bergamot essential oil has been used in Italian folk medicine for years, primarily for fevers including Malaria and worms.