Basil Sweet Linalol Type Essential Oil

Ocimum Basilicum Mediterranean

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Sweet Basil essential oil has a fresh and herbaceous aroma with warm spicy undertones. It is a clearing and stimulating oil. Useful for relieving mental overload and anxiety or when feeling tired and concentration is needed.

Latin Name
Ocimum Basilicum
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Top to Middle
Essential oil by stream distillation from the leaves and flowering tops.
Mainly methyl chavicol with small amounts of linalol, camphor, eugenol, cineol, limonene and citronellol.

Basil Sweet is identical to the French basil except that it’s larger with a harsher scent and different constituents.


Widely used in Far Eastern medicine for Respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, asthma. It has also been used against epidemics. In the West it is considered a cooling herb and is used for rheumatic pain, irritable skin conditions and for those with nervous disorder. It is a popular culinary herb, especially in Italy and France.