A Space Between Two Thoughts

Relaxation & Meditation CD
(Music and Speaking)

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The overall sound you will hear and experience throughout the CD are the sounds of C and G, with the subtle sound frequencies of the healing colours of red, orange, yellow, lemon, green, turquoise, blue indigo, violet, purple, magenta and scarlet.

Track 1 – Throughout track 1 you will be guided on a journey of body awareness and breathing to achieve a relaxation state, and recognition of your own spirituality. (35 minutes – Music & Speaking)

Track 2 – Throughout track 2 you will experience the profound frequencies of OM either for listening to in a quiet relaxed alpha mode, or using your own voice for OM chanting. It will create resonance from within the body, harmonising and blending with the resonance felt from the external vibratory frequency of C & G, together with 12 subtle sound frequencies of healing colour tones. (24 minutes – Music)

Music & Recording by Andy Hardwick, Excel Studios, Leamington Spa