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Lavender – Natures Way to Relaxation and Health

Philippa Waring

£6.99 ex. Vat

Philippa Waring
Paperback/128 Pages

Revealing the sundry benefits behind one of the most ancient herbal remedies, this study demonstrates the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the Lavender plant. Exploring Lavender’s many uses, this survey outlines how it is used to achieve emotional well-being through its calming, uplifting, and antidepressant qualities, treat a range of injuries and illnesses, and flavor many culinary delights. Detailed instructions on harvesting and processing the plant to extract the valuable oil are provided along with advice on how to store and use it. With a wealth of illustrations and a comprehensive resource section, this guide is essential for utilizing this versatile plant’s rejuvenating qualities. Information on growing the various types of Lavender as well as its history and folklore are also included.

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