Make your own Hot Oil Hair Treatment

hot oil

A Hot Oil Treatment provides a number of key benefits for the hair. Nourishes a dry scalp and helps protect against dandruff Absorbs easily into dry or damaged strands smoothing it down and disguising frizz and split ends Coats hair providing a protective shield against air pollution and helps minimise damage from heat styling like… read more

Essential Oil of the Month – Helichrysum

straw flower or everlasting isolated on white background .

Latin Name: Helichrysum Italicum Family: Asteracceae Growing up to 60 centimetres tall, this aromatic herb has brightly coloured, daisy-like flowers that remain colourful when dried, hence its more common names ‘everlasting’ and ‘immortelle’. Native to the Mediterranean regions, especially East and North Africa, Helichrysum is now widely cultivated in Italy, Spain, France and Eastern Europe.… read more