Essential Oil of the Month – Helichrysum

straw flower or everlasting isolated on white background .

Latin Name: Helichrysum Italicum Family: Asteracceae Growing up to 60 centimetres tall, this aromatic herb has brightly coloured, daisy-like flowers that remain colourful when dried, hence its more common names ‘everlasting’ and ‘immortelle’. Native to the Mediterranean regions, especially East and North Africa, Helichrysum is now widely cultivated in Italy, Spain, France and Eastern Europe.… read more

Essential oil of the month – Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus globulus (Euclyptus globulus) is a beautiful, tall evergreen tree that grows up to 90 metres in height. A native to Australia, Eucalyptus globulus is mainly cultivated in Spain, Brazil, Portugal, California, Russia and China. Its main constitute (I,8-cineole, also known as Eucalyptol) strengthens the immune system, reduces blood sugar levels and stimulates white cell… read more